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Zone Nutrition Challenge with Ginny King, RD

Price: $179.00

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CrossFit Inc recommends its athletes follow the Zone Diet. Why/what is the Zone Diet? The Zone Diet is essentially an anti-inflammatory diet that was created by Dr. Barry Sears. It was designed to reduce excess body fat, improve physical performance, and maintain wellness over time.

The details:
What = 30 Day Zone Diet Challenge
Where = CFFP
When = Wednesday, October 16 through Thursday, November 14
Cost = Early Bird $159 (sign up by October 9); Regular Pricing $179 (after October 9)

What's included? InBody Testing (pre-/post-challenge); Zone® Diet Journal; Zone® Diet Rules; Nutrition & Portion Guide; 7-Day Meal Plans (men + women); Daily Food & Exercise Journal; Dining Out in the Zone®; Zone® Diet app; online support; ROMWOD + CHILL** (every Monday night @ 6:30 pm during the 30-day challenge).

**ROMWOD = Range of Motion Workout of the Day; x5 sessions: October 14 through November 11.

INFO SESSION: Saturday October 12 at 8:45 am; or just ask Coach Ginny!